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Do your own laundry and decide which settings will work best for you. Using coins, tokens or tap card, you may operate your preferred washers and dryers.

Simply remember the following:

  1. Separate Colored from Whites
  2. Empty pockets (crayons, pens and plastics left in your pockets may ruin your clothes, while lighters left in your pockets may cause harm)
  3. Use the right amount of detergents (bubbles doesn’t help in cleaning your clothes). Too much detergent may cause graying of whites.
  4. Always refer to your clothes label. Some clothes are not meant to be put in the washer or dryer. Some are best cleaned through hand washing or dry cleaning.
  5. Inspect the washers and dryers before leaving to ensure no piece of clothing will be left.
  6. Do not overload. Leave some space to ensure your clothes will be cleaned well.
  7. If you need help, our friendly attendants will be there to assist you.

Aside from Self Service Laundry, in select Quicklean branches, you may drop-off your laundry and allow our team to help you save time and energy in loading, washing, drying and folding your laundry.

In some branches, you may also avail of our pressing services.

One of our new service is the laundry pick-up and delivery services.  It is currently available in BF Paranaque and Pedro Gil, Manila area and soon in all the Quicklean areas.

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