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WE ARE making LAUNDRY from Chore to FUN

Experience the Quicklean LifestyleVisit Our Branchesmaking LAUNDRY from Chore to FUN

QUICKLEAN is the FIRST and LARGEST PREMIER SELF-SERVICE laundromat chain in the country. Quicklean offers fast, hassle free, and affordable washing and drying services.

Our stores are powered with top-of-the-line machines.

QUICKLEAN opened its first branch in 2011. Having mastered the business, it opened its doors to Franchisees in 2016.

At QUICKLEAN, we know how much you love your clothes and your other garments. So we only provide you with top of the line washers and dryers. You can now have a high quality wash for your clothes using the best laundry equipment at a very affordable price.



From being the premier laundromat, Quicklean gave birth to several brands and companies, which includes the following:


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